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What Our Patients

Are Saying…

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I came here for wisdom teeth removal. I recommend this practice to everyone because it’s one of the best decisions I made. The first time I walked in, I was greeted by friendly staff. During the consultation, I met Dr. Sy who was very confident. He explained throughout what he was going to do and explained the things I don’t know which made me feel relaxed during my surgery.

- Kyle

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The oral surgeon that I used for a long time retired, and I was in search of a new oral surgeon, and my friends recommended Dr. Sy, and I could not be happier with his services and that of the staff; they’re all just helpful and so empathetic I just love them.

- Lanier

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When I first heard that I needed my wisdom teeth taken out, I was really nervous and scared, but once I received consultation from Dr. Sy, he used very easy to follow language, and he was very comforting and made sure you’re okay. He gave me options on how I want to do the procedure to make sure I had what I wanted and when the day of the procedure came up I was no longer scared.

- Kyle

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Everyone before me was treated as a human being, a whole human being, and every one of that staff was just respectful of each of those people, and they walk through that door and all the staff they met, and both doctors that they met, they were treated as true human beings who have a problem, and these doctors and their staff were gonna help them through their crisis and do whatever it took to make them whole.

- Father Tom

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They put me at ease, and I got the work done, and that evening I got a phone call to check on me to see how I was doing; and I never had that experience before, and I thought this is really something special.. so from then on it became our family.

- Howard and Shirel

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We've been so happy about his work, the conditions in the office the lovely people that work in the office. We have no problems getting in or getting out and uh she uh the care yeah you know after the surgery. We wish we found this office earlier because it can save us a lot of money and very friendly like the family

- Tom and Van

And some reviews form Yelp…

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Dr Sy is an incredibly skilled surgeon and made my wisdom teeth removal super easy and pain free. I was told at 25 there can be complications but with his skill, there were no issues and the very next day I was back on my feet. Very reasonably priced for the skill and attention to detail he takes and the after care if great. If you’re looking to get any work done I highly recommend Dr Sy. Most Definately will be returning if I need any work done. Thanks again to the whole team from reception to assistants during the surgery.”

Michael B.

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Dr. Hall was amazing and caring, he called to check in on me the next day. I only did local anesthesia because he said mine would be simple I valued him not trying to take extra money by putting me under.He is someone who loves his job and does it for his clients. My recovery was quick and painless. Thank you doctor!

Daniella S.

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I recently got my wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Paul Hall and overall I had a great experience. The front desk staff and even all the assistants onsite were all nice and friendly which always makes things less stressful when you’re feeling anxious about getting your wisdom teeth pulled. What I liked most about Dr. Hall was his ability to make people feel comfortable. During the consultation, he walked me through the entire process, gave me a fair assessment on the risks, and really put me at ease with the whole procedure. I know most people say it’s best to get put to sleep during the procedure but in talking to Dr. Hall, I made the decision not to. And it was a quick and easy procedure. The entire process maybe took 45 mins? I was a little swollen but it went down dramatically the next day.

Surprisingly I received a call the next day from Dr. Hall just to check in on how I’m doing. Gotta say, I haven’t had very many doctors do that and I appreciated it.

All in all, great experience. Highly recommend and will refer my family and friends.

Katherine B.

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Doctor Paul was very generous on speaking about the options I can take for my oral surgery, he was very detailed and gentle the day I got mines done a week ago. It was either local anesthesia or to be put to sleep and I’m glad I chose local anesthesia since he felt like I wasn’t comfortable to be put asleep but my experience was very well. I’m healing really fast and I would recommend everyone I know who needs to get there oral surgery done by Doctor Paul. Even for myself since I still need to get my upper wisdom tooth removed, I’ll for sure come back to doctor Paul’s office. I also saved so much money on choosing local anesthesia, so thank you doctor Paul for being gentle.

Kim A.

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I didn't know how good he was until I moved and went somewhere else.

Several years ago I had my 4 wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Hall. He was recommended by my dentist at that time who told me he was good. I didn't know how good I had it. Two of my teeth were completely horizontal. He explained everything to me in great detail. He showed me on my X-rays how close they ran to nerves on my face and said that if he simply removed them, they might damage the nerves and I could experience persistent pain, numbness, etc depending on the damage, but I had that choice. Or, he recommended cutting the heads off and leaving the roots unless when he got into the procedure, they turned out to be loose and could be pulled. Risk would be some infection, but that could be dealt with. So I went with cutting the tops off to stop them from pushing on my other teeth. He explained everything to me and with prices and was not pushy for a decision at all... Said if I wanted to go away and think about it longer, I definitely could. I made the decision to have the tops of the sideways teeth cut off and leave the roots.

I had all 4 removed at once. I was awake for the procedure and was scared, but it was ok. One of the sideways teeth had to be removed fully because it was indeed a little loose, but for the other one, the root was left behind. His work was good enough that I had a later dentist think that I never had my wisdom teeth (how he missed the remaining root I have no idea).

I am writing this review today because I moved away and have since had another dentist pull a different tooth for another reason. Nice guy, but fast and explained almost nothing. The idiot ripped out the tooth with part of the bone, and months later I do feel I have some numbness in my face as a result. Dr. Hall removed 4 difficult teeth flawlessly, and this other idiot of dentist can't handle an easy one without taking bone with it and damaging my nerves??!!! GAARRR!!!

I would not say he is the friendliest of guys... But he knows his stuff, he explains everything to you, he is not pushy, and does good work. He's got it where it counts. I'd trade in a sparkly personality for darn good, smart work any day. I no longer live on the west coast and have moved far away, but since my bad experience with another dentist, I actually would consider flying out to see Dr. Hall if I ever needed any major dental work ever again.

Alan B.


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